"A Taste of Princeton"

Princeton University Catering Chef Larry Frazer, AAC, CEC
Jennifer Fuller and Georgie Leddy for Fuller Interiors, LLC

Four Course Menu for twelve to be mutually designed by the Auction Winner together with
Princeton University Catering Chef Larry Frazer, AAC, CEC

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Princeton University Chef Larry Frazer, AAC, CEC

For Chef Larry, his 25-year affiliation with Princeton University has been anything but academic. As chef/manager for three of Princeton's dining clubs, he piqued the palates of such celebrities as Brooke Shields, David Duchovny, The Prince of Saudi Arabia Khalid Al-Fasil, and the Vanderbilt family. As the Chef for the Grad College and Princeton Catering, Chef Larry plans and prepares white tablecloth functions for Princeton's faculty and their visiting dignitaries as well as the daily menus for graduate students.

In his spare time, Chef Larry participates actively in the American Culinary Federation, (ACF). In 2000, he was inducted into the American Academy of Chefs, considered to be the worldwide Chef's Hall of Fame it is the ACF's Honor Society. In 1998 Frazer was selected as New Jersey's Culinarian of the Year, and in 1985 he was voted Central New Jersey Chef of the Year. He has won six ACF Culinary Medals, including several "Best in Show" and "Most Original in Show."

Chef Larry is an Adjunct Professor at Mercer College, New Jersey, and at the Studio Soufflé Culinary School in Princeton. A talented musician, landscape artist and tallow sculptor, he is also responsible for the world's largest "hands-on" tallow workshop, held in Atlanta in 1998.



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